prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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From this height to the top of the stem it decreases. The rate of the area of the
heartwood in the area of cross-section is shown with the curve on fig. 8. The correlation
is positiv and reaches

r = 0.721 ± 0.032

9) The area of the sapwood quite constantly decreases from the stamp to the
top of the stem. At lowest parts of stem this decreasing is high, but from the height
of about 6 till 13 meters above the ground it is quite constant, and a´fter 13 meters
above the ground it slowy decreases.

10) From the above under points 1—9 given results, because of the regularity,
as of the alternations of the heartwood and of the sapwood in the stem so, of the
rate of the heartwood and of the sapwood inte the stem, it is possible in general to
conclude, that the apperance of the reddish-brown heartwood is the natural caracteristic
of the tree of the Blach Alder from Jjhe district of Drava river in the Republic
of Croatia in Yugoslavia.

11) It seems that the area of the sapwood on a certain cross-section of the stem
is in correlation with the size of the crown of the tree (See table No. 5). For the
definitive conclusion about this correlation, it will be necessary to make special