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ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/1973 str. 25     <-- 25 -->        PDF

Each experiment is composed of a set of 5 permanent sample plots on which
are represented those variants of improvement fellings which aim at finding optimal
measures of rationalization of stand tending: on the first experimental plot was performed
a purely schematic intervention through improvement fellings (thinnings) by
removing every fourth row, i. e. 25% of the total stem number and approximately
25"/d of the volume, because it is a question of an even-aged stand. On the second
plot was performed a combined improvement felling (schematic + selective) with a
total intensity of 35°/o, of which the schematic intervention accounted for 25"/o and
the selective intervention for 10" o. On the third and fourth plots a selective intervention
was applied — on the third plot with 25n/o intensity (same as in the schematic
intervention on the first plot), and on the fourth plot with 35°/o intensity (same
as in the combined intervention on the second plot).

Thus, through these investigations, i. e. by applying several of the presented
variants for the rationalization of fellings in forestry practice, were laid down the
first bases for a rationalization of fellings as measures for tending forests in the SR
of Serbia, for which special need is now being felt.