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ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/1973 str. 42     <-- 42 -->        PDF

The contentration of potassium under which it is possible to expect a positive
action of potassium fertilizers on the growth of Scots Pine was established by
Heindsdorf with 0.5°/o K. Concentrations of potassium in all our cultures are higher
than this value, and therefore from the fertilization with potassium no more significant
effects can be expected.

By excepting maybe culture 6 at Vidina Loza as regards nutrition with phosphorus,
the state of nutrition with other investigated nutrients in all cultures may
be estimated as favourable.

As visible from what has been stated, the estimate of our results was given on
the basis of investigations in Germany, which estimates ought also to be taken with
a grain of salt. A safer estimate on the need to fertilize cultures of Scots Pine in the
region of Karlovac may be given only on the basis of results of fertilizing experiments
under similar ecological conditions.