prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/1973 str. 56     <-- 56 -->        PDF

parameter c is appreciably greater than 1, this means that with tree height increasing,
also the form factor will increase. Carried out was also a verification of this
phenomenon through a classification of model trees into the diameter and height
classes, and caluculating the average form factors, whereby it has been confirmed
that form factor of Hornbeam increases with the height increasing. In like manner
this phenomenon was also confirmed through correlation analyses, showing that the
correlation coefficient between form factor and height is always positive, implying
also that the form factor increases with the height increasing. Accordingly, the conclusion
may be drawn that a characteristic of Hornbeam as a species in Croatia, is
that its form factor increases with the height increasing.

Examined was also the difference between the form factor of Hornbeam raised
from seeds, and that from coppicing, and it was found that between them there is
not significant difference.