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Anatomical characteristics of the needles of the lower systematic categories
of Balkan Pine (Pinus heldreichi i Christ) in natural population
in the Balkan Peninsula

As is well known, on the basis of external morphological characteristics there
have been segregated within the natural area of the Balkan Pine the following
varieties: Pinus heldreichii Crist var. typica Markgraf, Pinus heldreichii Christ
var. Pančići n. var. Fukarek, and Pinus heldreichii Crist var. leucodermis (Antoine)

We had at our disposal needles of all three varieties of Balkan Pine from
areas of the entire Balkan Peninsula, and we performed the following studies
of needles: thickness of the cuticle, length and breadth of epidermal cells (Tab.
2), number of layers of the hypodermis and dimensions of hypodermal cells (Tab.
3), number and dimensions of the cells of endodermis (Tab. 4), number of stomata
on the cross-section, number of layers of wrinkled parenchyma (Tab. 5),
number of resin canals and their diameters, distance between the conducting
bundles, and dimensions of the needles (thickness and breadth) (Tab. 9—10).

On the basis of the studies performed it may be concluded that in addition
to the clearly expressed external morphological characteristics among the lower
systematic categories of Balkan Pine from the Balkan Peninsula, there exist also
characteristic differences in the anatomical structure of their needles. Thus —
on the basis of the anatomical structure of the needles — there may be recognized
differences between var. typica (occuring of Mt. Olympus in Greece and on
Mts. Mokra Planina and Korab in Albania), var Pančići (to found on Mt. Murtenica
in Serbia and in Montenegro), and var. leucodermis (occuring in all other

In all the examined specimens from a broader region of the Balkan Peninsula,
a clearly marked cline variability was in the main demonstrated. It would
seem that the difference of characteristics is conditioned by numerous reasons,

which, for the time being, are still insufficiently known.
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Dr NikoBitola
POPNIKOLA, dipl. ini. šum.,

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