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ŠUMARSKI LIST 6-9/1991 str. 63     <-- 63 -->        PDF

Compulsory and Voluntary Work of Hunters in The Hunters´Associations of Croatia


On the basis of a questionaire the author assesses the compulsory-voluntary
work of hunters´ associations located in the wildlife management regions of Croatia
in 1986. On the basis of this assessment the author carries out comparisons and
analyses of the work performed according to the annual time consumption (in %)
and absolutely (for each) hunter. Finally he assesses the equivalent of this work in
money terms and relates it to the value of the hunted game which is given to the
hunters each year.

It is determined that the hunters, with their compulsory-voluntary work, still
do not compensate for the value of the game given to them. If the time needed
to the field and the time needed for the return home is added to the time spent in
compulsory-voluntary work, the hunters almost compensate for the value of the
game given to them in the form of their material expenditures, which are the
object of further investigation by the author.