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ŠUMARSKI LIST 5-6/1994 str. 18     <-- 18 -->        PDF

The obtained results show that there are remarkable differences as to the
physiological features among the clones which have been reproduced in Croatian
nurseries and grown in forest cultures. It is of great importance for
successful vegetative progeny production and raising of poplar cultures and
plantations, that the poplar clones are chosen in accordance to the given
habitat, respecting their physiological status. In the future it is neccessary to
investigate also the nutrient content of total biomass in nursary condition.
Nutrient accumulation in weed vegetation is also important because weed
vegetacion is in competition to poplars in nursaries and plantations.

Key words: Populus, sections Aigeiros and Tacamahaca, concentrations
and contents of nutrients, number and size of stomata