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For stimulallng the economles thal are below the average standards, or

due to the absence of condltions necessary for sustalnable management, the

government glves fmanclal supports to the owners of smallforest estates. The

flnanctng ofthe management in stale forests was canceled completely in 1996.

The ratio ofcalamlty cuts in thefelllng volume has remained the major is

sue in the forest management.

The statlstic lnventory throughout the country has establlshed that the
game caused round 19% ofall recorded tree damage. The wlldllfe population
must therefore be controlled. Accordlngly, the reductlon ofthe deer and mouflon
population has started.

The Information programs for searchlng and graphlcal presenlation ofthe
foresl dala have been developed. The minimum indispensable condltions for
forestrv pollcy implementation have thus been achleved. Also, the strategic
decisions based on the data ofthe yearly forest status for each local territorial
unit, both at the regional and/or state level have been made.

The Ministry of agriculture appolnted a work group composed ofthe experts
from the government, forest authorltles, scientists and forest owners,
commlsstoned to make a model for forest certlflcatlon in the Czech Republic.

A new Forest Lcnv has been passed. Il presents a administrative act for

opening new strategies of forest and forestry development as part ofthe na

tlonal forestry policy. The new law Is a legal model forfulfillment ofthe major
forest functions, complying to the European model of the nature-close, sustalnable
management, and forest biodiverslty.

The rights, authority and responsibillties of the MA and the Mlnistry of
Environment have been defined. The Ministry of Environment is the bearer
ofdeveloping the national environmental policy.

The modelsfor calculating the state reimbursements for temporary orpermanent
reassignment of forest funclion are composite parts ofthe Forest Law.
The reimbursemenls are pald to the assignment fund of the Ministrv of

A supplementary Act on Forest Law implementation waspassed in 1996. It
explains the basic rules and criteria for reguiring a stale support for forest
management, beginning with lheyear 1997.

Forest research (asslgned to Institutes, facultles and private agencies)
functions as a solution of the problems assoclated to the efficlent administration
ofthe National Forestry Policy.

The results ofthe sofar done research on the nonwood forest functions may
and should be applied to the legislative and evaluation methods ofthe general
forest functions.

The Czech Republic and many other European countrles are taklng their
first steps in collecting the data, formlng the rules for many tnteractlngfactors
concerntng forests and the natural environment. Thls is necessary for thepermanent
changes and supplements to the forest policies and forest management
legislative for the management ofthe whole llvlng environment.

Key \vords: economic changes, forestrjpolicy, ownership restilulton,
forest development strategy, forest prlvatization, economic changes in forestrv,
state support to forestry, forestry legislative, nonwoodforest funclion.

Šumarski list br. 1-2, CXXII (1998), 31-52