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ŠUMARSKI LIST 9-10/2001 str. 62     <-- 62 -->        PDF

R. Sabadi: FRANCUSKA: DRVNA INDUSTRIJA 1 TRGOVINA DRVOM Šumarski list br. 9 10, CXXV (2001), 511-532
SUMMARY: France, by all figures is the second superpower within
European Community. The last decade the growth of domestic gross product
depasses the majority of other members of the Union. The trade balance as
well as balance of payments is unmistakenly positive, there where comes to
red figures, France confronts very aggressive, mobile and diversified economy
whose productivity grows by rate beyond average in the EU. The young
French generation of businessmen, so called "Yappies" has created the
immense industry based on brain, the consequences is hard to foresee. The
mechanical transformation of timber, except lumbering, which encompasses
semi-finished products for construction, veneers, wood based boards, packaging
as well as final consumption products such as furniture and furnishing,
by all means seems being out of recession, and is marching forward. The reason
for such a development lies in clever governmental policy of promotion of
cheap housing mortgage loans, which is the engine for growth of forest products
demand. It seems realistic the notion that France is moving in the right
direction to overcome its conservative attitude toward its agriculture, which
seems keeps pace towards significant positive changes. Regardless of striving
towards high productivity, in this country is nevertheless guarded the cult of
living without too much hurry, there is even a movement ´Eat slowly" as a
contrast to Mcdonald´s "Fast food". In the sector of pulp and paper, France
is heavily dependent upon imports of pulp, old paper, as well as upon various
kinds of paper and cardboard. It is no wonder, first, France has relativelly
smaller quantities of coniferous timber, secon, by all probability the ecologically
conscious Franch try as much as possible to avoid the pollution resulting
from pulp production. Nevertheless, the strong papaer industry enters
heavily into the growing concentration of global dimension. The new industries
have been born, the second best would be difficult to find. The secon
behind Germany, in growing ties with it, France is emerging as more and
more important factor of EU and world economy. The information on
France´s semi-finished wood products industries, final consumption wood

pro-ducts industries, as well as pulp and paper industries is supposed to give

to the Croatian foresters and to other interested, a certain impuls in the
search for solutions of the development problems of ours own.

Key words: Semifinished wood products industries -Final consumption
wood products industries - Pulp and paper industries