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ŠUMARSKI LIST 5-6/2002 str. 59     <-- 59 -->        PDF

In the period after the Second World War, the inhabitants of the former
Military Border lost those rights and could only use them for a fee according
to the regulations in the Forestry Act and in forest management plans.

The article deals with tne history of grazing on Velebit and in northern
Dalmatia with a special reference to the issue of goats and goat rearing.
Rearing goats was banned several times in the past on the ground of its devastating
effects on forests, but it has been preserved in some parts of Croatia
till present times.

The idea for this article came from a TV programme "Svakodnevica"
(Eventsofthe Day), in which one goat breeder from Obrovac compared a goat
to a "kanader" (a fire-fighting plane) and claimed that goats contributed to
the prevention of forest fires. After several minutes my old friend and colleague
Mr Tompakphoned in and sharply refuted the goat-breeder s words as
total untruth, which I silently agreed with in my mind. A goat is not a

"kantzder"; on the contrary, it is a demon for forestry and the environment.
The damage inflicted by goats in the area from Istria, Primorje, Velebit
and Northern Dalmatia is incalculable.
Key words: grazing, browsing, compensation, fire-fighting plane
("kanader") and demon

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