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K. Bezak: MODELI SASTOJINA HRASTA LUŽNJAKA (Quercus robur L.) I NJIHOVA NOVČANA ... Šumarski list br. 9-10. CXXVI (2002). 479-487
SUMMARY: The author studies the monetary value of wood assortment
products in the forests of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) of the humid
type II -G-20. His studies follow research on the patterns of growth, production
and sustainability of management with forests in the Republic of Croatia.
The research showed considerable variability in the developmental course of
a stand diameter structure, which, apart from site factors, it the result of different
approaches and management methods in the past period. Based on past
knowledge and patterns of the developmental course of a stand structure, theoretical
models of a regulated forest of pedunculate oak have been made in
the form of yield tables.

The simulation of three models with a different number of trees and a similar
developmental course of the basal area achieved a similar volume production,
but different monetary value of wood assortments.

The monetary value of wood mass production was determined on the basis
of the share of wood assortments in the volume of full-size timber above 7 cm
in diameter, Stefančić (1997) and the Pricelist of principal forest products
for international market of "Croatian Forests " (Reg. No. DIR-01/02-1276).

The average monetary value ratio of annual production of pedunculate
oak wood assortments at the end of the rotation period is 0.43 : 0.34 : 0.23 in
favour of the model in which the developmental course of tree numbers is
lower than the average. The total monetary value of the intermediate yield
(the sum total of thinning treatments) in all three models is 1/3 of the value of
the overall yield, or approximately 1/2 value of the principal yield.

During the prescribed rotation of 140 years, none of the three models displayed
the current annual increment culmination of monetary value of wood
assortments, nor the transversal monetary value of overall production.

The research stressed the need of complementing management plans with
models containing all structural elements and guidelines so that those implementing
plans may achieve management goals.

The Schumacher - Hall function proved to be the most favourable for
practical application as a model for constructing assortment tables and
tables of wood assortment monetary value.

Key words: pedunculate oak, yield tables, production, monetary value
of wood assortments