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Sporčić: NEKI POKAZATELJI 0 ŠUMARSKIM INFORMACIJAMA NA INTERNETU Šumarski list br. 9-10, CXXVI (2002). 511-522

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SUMMARY: The intent of this paper was to show some possibilities of
Internet by simple searching and provide some basic knowledge on Internet
forestry information, its vast presence, structure, actuality, etc. The presence
of forestry web site language has been shown as well as the presence of
respective fields of forestry science, frequency of web sites up-dating and
presence of information by the country of web-site origin. The searching possibilities
of different searching tools, explorers, have also been shown as well
as some advantages and disadvantages of Internet. In spite of the defects of
searching by general explorers, they are today an unavoidable and the most
popular way of global communication. Internet has become irreplaceable in
terms of availability and accessibility of transfer of ideas, global exchange of
information, knowledge and experience.

Key Words: Internet, forestry information, Internet searching, WWW,