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ŠUMARSKI LIST 9-10/2006 str. 38     <-- 38 -->        PDF

I. Grbac, R. Ojurović: PRIMJENA NANOTEHNOLOGIJE U INDUSTRIJAMA BAZIRANIM NA ... Šumarski list br. 9–10, CXXX (2006), 411-420
cally important to the economical and sustainable production of new generations
of forest-based materials and to help move society toward a biomass-based
economy. Nanoscale-based science has applications across nearly all
economic sectors and allows the development of new technologies with broad
commercial potential, such as nanostructured materials, nanoscale-based
manufacturing processes, and nanoelectronics. However, to fully achieve these
potential applications, investments must be in the science and engineering
that will enable creation of new technologies and enable industry to produce
more advanced and cost-competetive products.

Key words: nanotechnology, forest-based industries, mechanical properties
of wood, nanoindentation