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ŠUMARSKI LIST 9-10/2006 str. 42     <-- 42 -->        PDF

I. Trinajstić: FITOCENOLOŠKE ZNAČAJKE AS. Hippophao-Berberdetum Moor 1958 (Berberidion vulgaris) ... Šumarski list br. 9–10, CXXX (2006), 421-424
In the Drava River riparian zone near Križovljan-grad, in the spring of
1996, the small stands were discovered where H. rhamnoides was present.
There, this species builds a separate underbrush community – the ass. Hyppophao-
Berberidetum Moor 1958, and so far it is the first and only locality of
the said community in Croatia.

In the analyzed phytocenological relevé, 15 species have been registered
out of which 10 species are characteristic for particular syntaxa, while 5 species
belong to the companion species, as can be seen in the attached relevé.

Particularly interesting is that in the floristic composition prominent
among other bushy species is a special ecotype of the Scotch pine – Pinus sylvestris,
a low tree having the characteristic, twisted trunk as the pioneer
species in overgrowing the gravel riverbanks.