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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2007 str. 19     <-- 19 -->        PDF

R. Pernar, M. Ančić, A. Seletković: PRIMJENA ICK AEROSNIMAKA ZA UTVRĐIVANJE OŠTEĆENOSTI ... Šumarski list br. 11–12, CXXXI (2007), 507-521
(Abies alba Mill.) u Hrvatskoj, Akademija šu- Voss, H., 1989: Untersuchung und Kartierung von
marskih znanosti, 255–269, Zagreb. Waldschäden mit Methoden der Fernerkundung.
Seletković, I., Potočić, N., 2004: Oštećenost Abschlussdokumentation, DLR, Teil A, Oberp

šuma u Hrvatskoj u razdoblju od 1999. do 2003. faffenhofen, 244 p.
godine. Šum. List, 137 (3–4).

SUMMARY: The paper presents the results of research conducted with the
goal of assessing forest damage in CIR aerial photographs. The interpretation
of CIR aerial photographs provided the condition of forest ecosystems in
the study area (the Gospić Forest Administration). An infrared digital orthophoto
(DOP 1:5,000) was made by surveying strips for the entire surveyed
area. The DOP was overlaid with a systematic 100x100 m sample (dot grid).
Four crowns closest to the point were interpreted at each of the points (sample)
and damage to a total of 21,011 trees was assessed. Damage indicators
(O, SO, IO, SO1) were calculated for individual tree species and for all the
interpreted species together by individual surveying strips, by the entire surveyed
area and by management units (compartments /subcompartments
included in the survey).

In the interpreted area covering 5,548 ha, the recorded mean damage (SO)
for all tree species amounted to 23.60 %, for fir to 37.81 %, and for beech to

12.61 %. The results suggest that the damage degree of the inventoried forests
is between low and moderate. The damage index (IO) of fir for the area of
Lika is 61.96 %; in other words, this percentage of fir trees in the surveyed
area is damaged by more than 25 %. Within the 61.96 % of severely damaged
fir trees, the mean damage (SO1) of fir is 51.03 %.
In terms of the interpretation of results by surveying strips, we can conclude
that the mean damage (SO) and the damage index (IO) for all the trees
together are the highest in the surveying strip 5.

The obtained results were used for the construction of thematic maps on a
scale 1:10,000. They contain spatial distribution of mean damage (SO) and
damage index (IO) for the principal tree species, and overall for management
units (compartments/subcompartments) in individual surveying strips.

Application of CIR aerial photographs for the assessment of forest damage
provided data which do not differ from terrestrially-obtained data; however,
aerial photographs represent a lasting document of the condition.

K ey w o rd s : colour infrared aerial (CIR) photographs, infrared digital
orthophoto(DOP), photointerpretation key, damage indicators, forest damage.