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V. Goglia, J. Žgela, I. Đukić: UČINKOVITOST ANTIVIBRACIJSKIH RUKAVICA: II DIO Šumarski list br. 5–6, CXXXII (2008), 239-244
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Hand-arm vibration – Method for the measureInternational
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ment and evaluation of the vibration transmissi-

SUMMARY: There are various ways of reducing the health-hazards of
hand-transmitted vibration. One of the possible protective measures is the use
of the anti-vibration gloves, but their efectiveness is still subject to discussion
and many experts are questioning it. The procedure for measurement and evaluation
of the vibration transmissibility of the anti-vibration gloves is given in
ISO 10819-1996 and EN ISO 10819-1996 as well as in the National Standard
HRN ISO 10819-2000. Due to the numerous objections on the testing procedure
recommended by the above standards many researchers prefer field- testing.
In order to assess the efectiveness of anti-vibration gloves of five different
manufactureres the Faculty of Forestry – University of Zagreb in co-operation
with the public enterprise Hrvatske šume Ltd. carried out a field-testing.
The paper reports on the testing results.

Key w o rd s : ergonomics, vibration, anti-vibration gloves, testing