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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2008 str. 17     <-- 17 -->        PDF

I.Anić, S. Mikac: STRUKTURA, TEKSTURAI POMLAĐIVANJE DINARSKE BUKOVO-JELOVE ...Šumarski list br. 11–12, CXXXII (2008), 505-515
65 % of the cases (ageing and decomposition), and the typical selection
developmental stage in 8 % of the cases. The late optimal stage and the ageing
stage are the most common due to the depression-like relief of Čorkova
Uvala, which protects it from severe winds and allows mature and dead trees
to remain standing for long periods. The decomposition stage occurs over
small areas as a consequence of fall of singe trees or small groups of trees. In
the area of the old growth stand the typical initial stage is relatively modest. It
occurs in gaps but also under the canopy. The typical selection stage was
found in the smallest number of cases. It is the densest (548 trees/ha), with a
volume of 434.70 m3/ha and the highest participation of the silver fir. There are
on average ten dead (dry and rotten) trees per one hectare of the old growth
stand, of which seven are trees of silver fir. The highest number of dead fir
trees was recorded in the 11–20 cm diameter class. The total abundance of the
young growth was found in the localities in which a transitional initial/selection
developmental stage was recorded. These localities are the least represented.
There are 6,190 seedlings on average per one hectare of the old growth
stand. Fir accounts for 60 %, beech for 28 %, spruce for 2 % and sycamore for
10 % of the total number of the young growth. Two thirds of the seedlings are
up to 50 cm tall. On average, a fir taller than 50 cm is found on every 12 m2of
the area and one taller than 100 cm on every 30 m2 of the area. Unlike beech
and sycamore, no fir taller than 300 cm was found up to the taxation limit. Of
the total number of the young growth up to 100 cm in height, beech accounts
for 15 %, spruce for 2 % and sycamore for 9 %. Beech and sycamore prevail
in height classes above 100 cm. The young growth of spruce has a secondary
role and occurs sporadically, reaching a height of up to 175 cm.

Key words:virgin forest, beech-fir virgin forest, structure, texture,
regeneration, Čorkova uvala, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia