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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2008 str. 63     <-- 63 -->        PDF

J. Domac, Z. Benković, T. Starčić: RAZVITAK ODRŽIVE INDUSTRIJE DRVENOG UGLJENAŠumarski list br. 11–12, CXXXII (2008), 555-561
coal production options being pro moted. The Module on Legal Framework and
Institutions carried out the analysis of the roles to be played by different national
organizations in the implementation of integrated charcoal and wood energy policies
and programmes. The Module on Training and Extension consisted in the
preparation of specific training and extension material and the organization of
international study tour and training courses in the country.

The results and conclusions from the project and the identification of fu ture
action lead to the following recommendations:

The State Office for Standardisation should draft out the charcoal quality standard
according to relevant European norms implementing their positive effects
into our standards.
The State Office for Standardisation should form a Technical Committee for
wooden biomass that would also be in charge for charcoal.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management should provide
translation of relevant EU norms (especially EN 1860-2:2005) within the FAO
project and submit that to the producers of charcoal who could then be able to
implement them in their own production.
The Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management
should create legal framework to form market of wooden products (wood
bourse) in order to make that raw material more available on the market. The
Wood Processing and Use Act has been in the parliamentary procedure which
will create a legal basis for formation of the said bourse.
The Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management
should promote and organise inspection of wooden products trade to ensure
transparent trading in accordance with marketing terms.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Con struction
should issue a legal obligation for deposing of biomass – wooden residual of
wood processing industry and forestry in order to further incite energetic use.
The Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship should implement the
system to encourage new charcoal production technologies which will increase
the efficiency of the production.
The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, in cooperation with
the respective ministries, in accordance to the operational programme for 2008,
2009 and 2010 shall carry out a tender for mo der nisation and expansion of the
existing and starting up of the new charcoal production facilities.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Con struction,
should issue guidelines for selection of location of the new facilities
in accordance with the existing legal regulations regarding building due to
avoid misinterpretation of regulation by the local/regional self-governance
Forestry Extension Service should organise education on advantages, possibilities
and limitation of the charcoal producers associations and the possibilities
to secure financing for modernisation of this production which would include
the preparation of the guidebook.
Charcoal producers should form regional cooperatives and establish the
national association of charcoal producers at the Croatian Chamber of
Economy or independently in order to gain easier and more quality market
appearance. The Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts should definitely be
included in this process.
The referral centre should be formed either at the Forestry Extension Service or
regional energy agencies that would provide information re gard ing new technologies,
financial options, and mediate in the appearance of domestic producers
on foreign markets.