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ŠUMARSKI LIST 5-6/2009 str. 48     <-- 48 -->        PDF

T. Jakovljević, K. Berković, G. Tartari, B. Vrbek, J. Vorkapić-Furač: ATMOSFERSKA TALOŽENJA ... Šumarski list br. 5–6, CXXXIII (2009), 267-278
tability (Figure 7 and 8) of the results obtained with new method is good. The
limit of detection and the limit of quantification shows more sensibility (Table
2). Therefore, the new method seem to be a good alternative to the standard
methods and can be used in the scientific research of ICP Forests because is
adapted to specifics of samples from forest.

Key words: ammonia, automatic analyser,ICP Forests, phosphorus,
precipitated water, spectrophotometry, validation method