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ŠUMARSKI LIST 7-8/2009 str. 28     <-- 28 -->        PDF

D. Matošević, M. Pernek, T. Dubravac, B. Barić: ISTRAŽIVANJE FAUNE LISNIH MINERA... Šumarski list br. 7–8, CXXXIII (2009), 381-390

adults, pupae, shape and colour of leafmines, its position on leaves, frasslines
and host plant species. In the results section for each found species of
leafminers a host plant, colleciton site and date, number of generations,
months when mines can be found on leaves and note on new record (Table 1)
is given. In total, 98 species from the orders Hymenoptera (9 species), Coleoptera
(2), Lepidoptera (78) and Diptera (9) were found. Out of them, 38 species
can be considered as new records for Croatia. Five species of leafminers have
been recently introduced into the Croatian fauna as new invasive species.
Leafminers found during this research have varied in their choice of host
plant, 23 species are defined as first degree monophags, 23 species are second
degree monophags, 27 species are third degree monophags, 24 species are systematic
oligophags, and only 1 species was polifagous. This is not final number
of leafminer species on woody plants in Croatia and continuation of this
kind of research is strongly suggested.

Key words:leafminers, new record, Hymenoptera,Coleoptera,Lepidoptera,