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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2009 str. 60     <-- 60 -->        PDF

J. Medvedović, J. Milković, M. Tomaić: NEKE ZNAČAJKE VREMENAI KLIME KRASNAI OKOLNOG ... Šumarski list br. 11–12, CXXXIII (2009), 613-622

for this area was determined under the Köppen climate classification. The climate
type marked with the formula Cfsbx” (the temperate warm rainy climate)
was found to be prevalent in the broader area around Krasno, whereas
at altitudes around and above 1,500 m and on Zavižan the climate type was
marked with the formula Dfscx” (the snowy forest climate). The mean values
obtained from the eight-year period in all the stations fall into the criteria
used for the mentioned classification.

The dependence of meteorological elements on altitude was confirmed.
For this reason, the forestry experts are advised to give more “weight” to altitude
rather than to the distance from the measuring stations during data interpolation
for particular forest areas.

According to the Forestry Chronicle, there were dry – rainy years, with
plenty of snow and without any snow. There were mass outbreaks of forest pests,
but also years conducive to the growth of forest vegetation. It is very important
that no series of unfavourable years were formed during the past 8 years of monitoring;
instead, favourable and unfavourable years alternated, so that the forests
always recovered from the years with adverse weather conditions.

The results of measurements have multiple applications for the forestry
science; among other things, they allow a better insight into the life conditions
of the area and serve for the drawing up of the chapter on the ecological conditions
of forest sites in particular management units.

Key words:Krasno, Lika, climate, forest vegetation