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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2009 str. 73     <-- 73 -->        PDF

A. Frković: VACLAV LEOANDERLE (1859. – 1944.), ŠUMAR I ILUSTRATOR – UTEMELJITELJ ČEŠKE ... Šumarski list br. 1–2, CXXXIII (2009), 629-635

Anon. (2000):Anderle,Vaclav Lev. U: Hrvatski šumar-Knji ga 5 (ur. J. Biškup), str. 316–317. Tutiz Lek ski
životopisni leksikon (Š-Ž + dodatak A-Z, sika d.o.o. Zagreb

SUMMARY: Vaclav Leo Anderle (1859 – 1944) is one of the many Czech
and Slovak forestry experts who, about one century ago, spent a part of their
working lives in Croatia. By excelling not only in their profession but also in
some forestry-related careers, these great men made their new homeland famous
worldwide. Being a passionate lover of painting, Vaclav Leo Anderle attended
the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in addition to the study of forestry
at the Higher School of Soil Culture. He worked in specialized forestry fields
in the country and abroad, mainly on the estate of the large forest owner
Thurn-Taxis. He spend more than one decade in Croatia, first in the forest office
of Crni Lug in Gorski Kotar, and then in the forest office of Lekenik. As an
established landscape and figure artist, he illustrated several popular journals
and papers of the time, as well as many works of Croatian men of letters
and travel writers. This refers particularly to the trilogy written by Dragutin
Hirc, a natural scientist and travel writer, which was dedicated to Gorski
Kotar, Lika and the Croatian Littoral. In the later period of his creative painting
he specialized in animal art and wildlife and particularly in hunting motifs.
In doing so, he laid the foundations of the Czech hunting illustration. He
was also a very prolific hunting writer.

Key words:Vaclav L. Anderle, Czech, Crni Lug, Lekenik, landscape artist,
animal artist, hunting illustration, Thurn-Taxis.