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D. Degmečić, T- Florijančić, K. Krapinec, D. Domić: ROGOVLJE SRNJAKAKAO SMJERNICA... Šumarski list br. 7–8, CXXXIV (2010), 335-346

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Hewison,(2007.):Antler size provides an ho-

SUMMARY: The aim of this paper is to show the example of Baranja that
development of roe-buck antlers depends on smaller areas within the wider
area of management and that due to various factors, primarily habitat goodness,
the manager can not expect equal development of the antlers across the
Baranja. Research area is divided into three areas and 19 localities. Hunting
records from the roe-buck hunting tourism (1964 to 1991) were used for research.
The elements used for the survey were: antler weight in grams, CIC
value, the length of the branch in centimeters and the assessment of antler
beauty. Age was estimated based on the eight elements of the skull. Baranjsko
podravlje (xmean= 280 g and 85 CIC points) is shown as an area with the greatest
number of localities where the values of observed antler parameters were
significantly higher than the area of the Baranjsko podunavlje (xmean= 240 g
and 77 CIC points) and forests of central Baranja (xmean= 254 g and 77 CIC
points). Roe deer management is necessary to adjust with the results achieved
by roe-buck trophies. Baranjsko Podravlje is an area where it is cost-effective
to wait to roe-bucks to grow old because habitat factors allow roe-bucks to
reach the capital value of trophies as it is the case with localities Medrović
(xmean= 304 g and 91 CIC point), Židopustara (xmean= 292 g and 88 points
CIC), Prud(xmean= 292 g and 85 CIC points), while the localities of Baranjsko
podunavlje is not profitable to wait because in 95 % of the roebuck
will never grow a capital trophy. These are primarily sites of Bat-Siget
(xmean= 219 g and 71 CIC point), Siget (xmean= 234 g and 76 points CIC), Dvorac
(xmean= 221 g and 72 CIC points) and others. It was not confirmd that
value of the roe-buck trophy is connected with age (antler mass tizr= 0,153,
p<0,05 / CIC value tizr= 0,111, p<0,05).

Key words:roedeer, Baranja, hunting area, antler, management