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ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/2011 str. 64     <-- 64 -->        PDF

Ž. Španjol, D. Barčić, R. Rosavec, B Dorbić: BIOLOŠKO-EKOLOŠKO I PROSTORNO VREDNOVANJE ... Šumarski list br. 1–2, CXXXV (2011), 51-62

mental models that guarantee their survival and ensure active protection, utilization
and improvement of the natural environment. These sites play an important
role in the tourist, recreational and health valorisation based on
primary values of the natural surrounding. In view of the limited possibilities
of utilizing the protected parts of nature and of their general and specific protection,
these sites may only be used in a strictly controlled and moderate

There is a large number of protected natural values in the northwest part of
Croatia. Almost all categories of protection are present. Protected natural values
are shown in the tables with their basic features and a brief description,
by counties.

Aproximately 11.52% of the total area in Zagreb county is protected, while
in the City of Zagreb 21.4% of the total area is under protection. Bjelovar and
Bilogora county has the least protected area, less than 1% of the total area.
Protected natural values in Koprivnica and Križevci county cover 2.36%, in
Međimurje county 19.87%, in Krapina and Zagorje county 5.1%, and in Sisak
and Moslavina county 15.34% of the total county area.

Key words:nature protection, protected natural values, valorisation