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ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/2012 str. 58     <-- 58 -->        PDF

S.Andrašev, M. Bobinac, S. Rončević, M. Vučković, B. Stajić, G. Janjatović, Z. Obućina: UČINCI PRORJEDE ... Šumarski list br. 1–2, CXXXVI (2012), 37-56

mean tree volume by 21.9 % and increased the crown projection area by

59.0 % compared to control plot. In contrast, the mean Lorey’s height at the
experimental plot with thinning treatment decreased by 4.2 % compared to
control plot. This has contributed to the intensification of the current (average
periodic) volume increment compared to the period before applying thinning
operation. Greater assimilation apparatus of trees in the experimental plots
with thinning tretament and higher current diameter and volume increment indicate
the need to extend the production cycle at the best assortment structure
compared to the control plot.

The research results indicate the validity of efforts that the thinning operation
in poplar plantations should be treated as a biological and an economic
category. As a biological category the thinning operation contributes to accelerating
the growth of the remaining phenotypically better established trees
and achieve optimum production. As economic categories with thinning operation
realized the previous crop, and it being understood that the assortment
of allowable cut in the thinning cover cost cutting and the establishment of
plantations with more trees. In this framework it is necessary to direct further
research, because the poplar plantations,which are aimed to applying thinning
operation, are flexible enough to allow adaptation to changing market

Key words:poplar clone I-214, wide planting, selective thinning, effects
of thinning, growth