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or longer period of time. It has been determined that the length of survival of the released animal is significantly different considering the period of release. The longest survival had the animals released in summer, whereas the shortest survival had animals released in early spring. After the conducted research it can be determined that the release of partridges from artificial breeding with the purposes of creating a mother fund is questionable and it has justification only when all necessary conditions are met or in other words with a suitable habitat with a certain number of predators that won’t endanger the survival of the released animals. Optimal release time has been determined as early summer period when animals in habitat find enough food and shelter, when the climate conditions with enough water are favorable as well, on the other hand the survival problem of these animal remains after removal of agricultural crops when they become easy prey for fury and especially feather predators whose numbers cannot be directly influenced due to binding law regulations.
Key words: Grey partridges Perdix perdix L., Plains, Survival, Telemetry