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Šatanová, A., L. Krajčírová, 2012: Application of Accounting and Reporting in a Cost-Oriented Quality Management in Wood-Processing Companies. Drvna industrija, 63(4): 283–289.
Zeng, J., M. An, N. J. Smith, 2007. Application of a fuzzy based decision making methodology to construction project risk assessment. International Journal of Project Management. 25(6): 589–600.
Today’s trend of world market globalization, competition and ever greater demands of customers have highlighted the quality of products and services as the key factor in conquering the market. It all impacts wood processing and furniture manufacturing in the Republic of Croatia due to its constant orientation to export as the only way of achieving market competitiveness.
Research polygons were two factories of board furniture. Relevant data for considered products were gathered over 1.5 years, and then processed to determine factors with strongest influence on the process capability of each polygon. The criteria for determining technological processes capability were selected using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. Research has shown that the most influencing criteria on technological process capability are human, material and machine. Based on obtained results, this paper is a contribution to the discussion on traditional and modern quality assurance models, and represents scientific grounds for implementing a suitable stability and capability model.
Key words: furniture manufacturing, quality, AHP method, technological process capability and stability