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Statistical analysis – Statistička analiza
All determinations were performed in triplicates. Statistical comparisons between samples were performed in the program Statistica 9, using Duncan’s test, with statistical significance p<0.05, comparing treated samples with proper control. Obtained results are presented graphically by histograms and above them are the letters denoting statistical difference between results and control (from a to e).
Comparable percentage was calculated by the formula: Δ (%) = (100 * sample / control)–100; where values may result with +, which means it comes to increase compared to control and resulted with –, which means it comes to decrease compared to control.
The results of the content of soluble proteins shoots of our clones exposed to different concentrations of heavy metals in the soil are presented in figure 1. All comparisons were made to the control sample, representing the plant with no heavy metal treatment. The M1 clone first showed a slight downward trend starting from 10,79% in 0,5 MPC treat­ment and in 2 MPC treatment it showed a very slight decrease of 3.45 %.
In 3 MPC treatment there was an increase of 19,04 % in relation to control. There was an obvious trend of increasing soluble protein content by 106,4 % in clone B229, especially in 1 MPC treatment, and by 131,24 % in 3 MPC. PE 19/66 ranged from an increase of 20,20 % compared to the control sample in 0,5 MPC treatment, through more than 104,21 % in 2 MPC treatment to an increase of 40,03 % in 3 MPC treatment in relation to control.
When treated with cadmium clone M1 showed an increasing trend of soluble protein content in all treatments ranging from 43,65 % in 0,5 MPC to 88,27 % in 3 MPC treatment. B 229 showed a slight decrease compared to control in all treatments ranging from 3 % in 0,5 MPC to 23,34 % in 2 MPC treatments. Decrease of 8,3% was observed in 3 MPC treatment.
Clone PE 19/66 showed various responses regarding the trend of decreasing values of soluble protein content ranging from 17,63 % in 0,5 MPC to 36,97 % in 3 MPC treat­ments.