prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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orchards of each species except for that of P. halepensis, Pearson’s correlation coefficient between N and Nc was high and significant. Pearson’s correlation coefficients varied from 0.798 (p < 0.0099) (Picea orientalis seed orchards) to 0.996 (p< 0.0001) (P. sylvestris seed orchards) among the species (Figure 1). Pearson’s correlation coefficients between age and Nc (varied from –0.38 to –0.93) showed that there was negative correlation, which means that the older the orchard was, the smaller the effective number of clones. The average r value between age and Nc was calculated as –0.47 (p< 0.00001).
Distribution of Nr in 169 clonal seed orchards of conifers in Turkey was shown in Figure 2. The Nr among seed orchards within species and among species was different. When all the seed orchards are considered, the mean Nr value was calculated as 0.827 (Table 1). For all the seed orchards analyzed, 5 orchards had Nr value less than 0.5, and 157 seed orchards had Nr value higher than 0.6 (Figure 2).