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(p=0,000037) and number of root tips (p=0,000427) between the sessile oak seedlings on slopes (1) and on the flat terrain (2). The average root perimeter of the sessile oak seedlings grown on slopes was by 85,39 cm2 larger compared to the seedlings grown on flat terrain and amounted to 271,97 cm2 (58,57–633,94 cm2). The average root diameter of the sessile oak seedlings on slopes was 1,60 mm (1,17–2,10 mm) which is by 0,10 mm longer compared to those on flat terrain. The average root volume of the seedlings on slopes was by 3,88 cm3 larger compared to those on the flat terrain and amounted to 10,99 cm3 (2,40–27,21 cm3). The seedlings on slopes had 818 root tips (111–2551 pcs), which is 226 pieces more compared to those from flat terrain. The seedlings of sessile oak growing on slopes had larger height (mm), root collar diameter (mm) and the total root length (cm) with respect to those on flat terrain but the mentioned characteristics are not significant. The research proves that irrigation of pedunculate oak seedlings in nursery influenced several quality variables (height, root collar diameter). Therefore, irrigation should become a required practice for the seedlings on the entire nursery production area. On the other hand, the seedlings of sessile oak display an increase in several root quality variables (perimeter, average diameter, volume, number of tips) when grown on slopes, and this practice should be adopted in all nurseries with developed micro-relief.
Key words: seedling quality, root length, root perimeter, root collar diameter, root volume, number of root tips