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Water use efficiency Učinkovitost korištenja vode
WUE (P/T) on Fruška gora locality did not change significantly during the season, because reduced photosynthetic intensity was followed by correlated reduction of transpiration. However, on all other localities, statistically lowest value of  WUE was determined later during the season, mostly in September (Tables 2 and 3). Increase of  WUE was observed for spruce at Kopaonik in August, and for fir at Tara in September.
Photosynthetic pigments Fotosintetski pigmenti
The content of all analyzed photosynthetic pigments did not change significantly between end of June and August (Tables 4 and 5). However, in September, content of Chla was reduced in all species. This reduction was significant for beech at Vidlič and for spruce at Tara. In the case of Chlb, Chla+b and carotene statistical decrease was determined only on Vidlič in a beech population.
Average daily temperature had a general increase in all localities during the season (Figure 2). Precipitation during