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b, c in first and second rows). The flowering has begun significantly earlier in the 2006 in order to 2005 and 2004 for AC locations (107.4 vs. 112.6 and 113.3; respectively), while for location BS the flowering has begun significantly earlier in the 2004 in compared with 2005 and 2006 (99.0 vs. 104.4 and 108.1; respectively). The average values for all three years were statistically significant different between localities (Table 2, the small caps a, b in last column), the flowering has begun significantly earlier in the BS vs. AC (103.8 vs. 111.1; respectively). According to the ANOVA results differences between locations, years, trees were statistically significantly (all p <0.0001) (Table 3).
According to applied phenological differentiation in the location of "Ada Ciganlija", the largest number of trees has been in the group of "late" trees that have been flowering in the third week of April and later (69.0 % in 2004; 79.3 % in 2005; 31.0 % in 2006). In the location of "Bojčinska šuma" in the first year of observation (2004) the maximum number of trees belonged to the group of "early" trees (86.2%), while in the second and the third year there have been mostly "average" trees (44.8 % in 2005 and 51.7 % in 2006) (Figure 4a).
Analyzing phenological pattern of the population it can be said that in the location of "Ada Ciganlija" for three years of observation the largest number of trees either changed the group for one level (58.6 %), or kept the same level (41.4%), whereas there were no trees changing the group