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visits in the last year occur in the NP Paklenica and the NaP Vransko Jezero. Most of the examinees were visiting the respective park for the first time: 50% in NP Paklenica, 43% in NaP Vransko jezero and 74% in NaP Telašćica. The highest part of „regular” visitors (have visited the park two or more times) was 32% in the NaP PP Vransko jezero, 29% in the NP Paklenica and 15% of the visitors in NaP PP Telašćica.
2. Motives of arrival, characteristics of the visit and activities in the park – Motivi dolaska, karakteristike posjeta i aktivnosti u parku
The questions like type of visit to the park, the duration of the visit, motives of visit and activities that visitors do in the park were answered also by park staff and staff of touristic organizations in the respective areas.
The data obtained are important for the planning of infrastructure (e.g. access roads, parking areas), or the design of a tourist offer within or outside the park boundaries. More than half of the visitors (52%) realized their visit to the park targeted from the location of their holiday stay what was also confirmed by the staff of NaP Vransko jezero and NP Paklenica, while 50% of the staff of NaP Telašćica believes that their visitors are coming by organized excursion to the park.
Whole day visits have the highest rate in NP Paklenica (36%), while in Vransko jezero NaP the average stay is up to three hours (40%) because of the lack of an offer and in NaP Telašćica (57%), where the rest of the time is spent by travelling to the park! The staff of NP Paklenica and NaP Telašćica believes that their visitors stay half a day, while the staff of NaP Vransko jezero have correctly estimated a stay of up to three hours.
The research of Krpina (2009) showed that the primary motives to visit the Zadar county are nature (68%) and visits to protected areas (53%). Following this lead we investigated the motives of visit in the three respective parks.
The primary motive for all three parks is to enjoy natural beauties (51%), followed by the wish to learn about the park (41%), rest and relaxation was the motive of 34% of visitors, 24% to enjoy a panoramic trips/sightseeing and 15% recreation.