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of local products and sport/recreation. The activities of the visitors are closely linked to the specific offer of the park, so the intensity of using these activities differs between the parks as shown in the CA analysis in figure 6.
The overall connection (c2) between the variables visitor activities in the park and the park is 485,867. The first dimension explains 67,46% of the overall connection, while the second explains 32,54%.
So in NP Paklenica the most frequent activity is hiking (79%), followed by photographing nature (46%) and then mountaineering (34%). The staff of this park considers hiking and mountaineering as the main activities closely followed by climbing (alpinism) which was chosen by only 5% of the examinees. In the NaP Vransko jezero the visitors also choose hiking (66%), than photographing nature (45%), swimming (33%), while bird watching was chosen by 11% of the visitors. The staffs of the NaP Vransko jezero consider the main activity to be hiking, followed by visits of info points and then photographing nature. Only 17% of the staff considers swimming a frequent activity. In the NaP Telašćica the visitors mainly hike (77%), after which they choose swimming (71%) and photographing nature (53%). The staff of NaP Telašćica put swimming and visits to info points as 100% of visitor activities, while hiking was estimated with 50%. It is interesting to note, that only 4% of examinees chose visit to info points. On the other hand the NaP Telašćica differs from the other parks, as the visitors are more focused on activities typical for marine areas, but not so typical for protected areas.
3. Quality of the park – Kvaliteta parka
The examinees estimated the quality of the investigated parks on the basis of: equipped trails and spaces or natural areas, perception of crowdedness in arrival/departure to the park and in the park, existence of tourist pressure in the park and which activities could cause tourist pressure in the park.
More than 50% of the examinees in the parks use as natural areas as possible. Even 66% of the visitors of NaP Vransko jezero use remote natural areas, whilst the staff of the parks believes that they aren’t used at all. Such areas are also used by 50% of the visitors of the NaP Telašćica