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phytosociological relevé was made (Tab. 1). The analysis of the relevé shows a greater species richness (25, 15) compared to the one of Trinajstić’s (2006) and is very similar to the relevé of Moore’s (1958). So far Trinajstić-s (2006) finding of sea-buckthorn in 1966 was the last recording of this species in Croatia. As the hydrological interventions destroyed the habitats, causing the sea-buckthorn to disappear from this area, the new records of sea-buckthorn and Ass. Hyppophao-Berberdetum Moor 1958 (Berberidion vulgaris Braun-Blanquet 1950) are the only existing natural findings there. For these reasons, it should be noted that the Croatian flora is now richer for one naturally spread species, as well as the vegetation of Croatian is richer for one association which should be given an adequate importance in natural science.
KEY WORDS: new locality, Sea Buckthorn, Hippophaë rhamnoides, Hippophao-Berberidetum, Croatia