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project area) with commercial post-processing GNSS software, Topcon Tools v8.2. The location of the area of interest into the ISKI-CORS Network can be seen in Figure 5.
4.2 Results and Discussion – Rezultati i rasprava
Equations (1) and (2) were used to calculate the interior angles of generated triangles and the azimuth of related line (N1N2). All the others were computed in the same way. The results are listed in Table 4 and Table 5.
The closure vector of differences between the static and combined total station and real time kinematic GNSS (CORS/VRS) surveys (see Table 6) results calculated by Eq.3, indicated as , was obtained as ± 0.065 m. Pirti (2008) states that Naesset et al. (2000) demonstrate that accuracy can be achieved for static measurement under the forest canopy only within ±(1-9) cm.
Since the ambiguity was solved in CORS survey, due to lack of validity, errors occurred in the CORS/VRS method.