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OLYMPUS DP25 digital camera. Based on literature data, 15 species of scale insects have been registered on oak trees (table 1). Faunistic investigation of scale insects in period from 2005 to 2014 established 12 species of scale insects. When compared to literature data, 6 new species have been registered (table 2). Currently, the check-list of scale insects on oak trees in Croatia comprises 21 species belonging to 4 families: family Asterolecanidae: Asterodiaspis ilicicola (Targioni Tozzetti 1888), A. quercicola (Bouche 1851), A. variolosa (Ratzeburg 1870), family Coccidae: Coccus hesperidum Linnaeus 1758, Eulecanium tiliae (Linnaeus 1758), Parthenolecanium rufulum Cockerell 1903, Pulvinaria sericea (Fourcroy 1785), family Diaspididae: Chionaspis etrusca Leonardi 1908, C. lepineyi Balachowsky 1928, C. salicis (Linnaeus 1758), Diaspidiotus alni (Marchal 1909), D. bavaricus (Lindinger 1912), D. ostreaeformis (Curtis 1843), D. zonatus (Frauenfeld 1868), Gonaspidiotus minimus (Leonardi in: Berlese & Leonardi 1896), Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman 1869), L. ulmi (Linnaeus 1758), Targionia vitis (Signoret 1876) and family Kermesidae: Kermes quercus (Linnaeus 1758), K. roboris (Fourcroy 1785) and K. vermilio Planchon 1864 (table 3). A. ilicicola had the highest number of appearing, followed by P. rufulum (graph 1). On host species from the genus Quercus, species from the family Diaspidide were dominant, followed by Asterolecanidae, Coccidae and Kermesidae (graph 2). In July 2014 mass occurrence of scale insect K. vermilio and symptoms of its infestation were registered on evergreen oak (Quercus ilex L.) in the town of Poreč (photo 2). Visual inspections were conducted and samples were collected. Diagnostic analysis based on morphological characteristics was carried out and it resulted in identification of scale insect K. vermilio (photo 1). K. vermilio is a new member of Croatian entomofauna, whose host plants are evergreen species belonging to the genus Quercus, primarily evergreen oak.
Key words: Croatia, first finding, kermes berry, Kermes vermilio, oak, scale insects