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On behalf of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Zagreb,  the Croatian Forest Research Institute, the Academy of  Forestry Sciences, the Croatian Chamber of Forestry and  Wood Technology Engineers and on its own behalf, the Croatian  Forestry Association congratulated the new Minister of  Agriculture Professor Davor Romić, Ph.D., on his appointment  to the post of Minister of Agriculture at the beginning of February  2016. On this occasion, the Association asked the Minister  to set a date for a meeting with the representatives of the  above forestry institutions. This request was accompanied by  the jointly agreed attitudes on future activities to be undertaken  in Croatian forestry.  
The CFA also extended their congratulations to Ivica Francetić,  M.Sc., the new Assistant Minister of Forestry, Hunting and  Wood Industry.  
On May 2016, Minister Davor Romić, Prof. Ph.D., and Assistant  Minister Ivica Francetić, M.Sc., received a delegation of  forestry institutions consisting of Professor Vladimir Jambreković,  Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, Dijana Vuletić,  Ph.D., Director of the Croatian Forest Research Institute, Professor  Jura Čavlović. Ph.D., Chief Secretary of the Academy of  Forestry Sciences, Professor Tomislav Poršinsky, Ph.D., President  of the Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology  Engineers, Silvija Zec, B.Sc., Secretary of the Croatian  Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers, Oliver  Vlainić, B.Sc., President of the Croatian Forestry Association,  and Damir Delač, M.Sc., Secretary of the Croatian Forestry  Association.  
There was a joint discussion on 11 items from the notification  sent to the Minister. The majority of the items had already been  initiated by the Ministry and are currently in different stages  of progress.  
An initiative was put forward to reinstate the term ‘forestry’ in  the name of the Ministry at the earliest occasion. The Ministry  has already consulted the Croatian Forestry Association about  the return of the name. Materials are being prepared to change  the current name into the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.  
A Commission was appointed for developing a strategy of forestry  of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2016 - 2030 (17  members: 2 representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, 3  representatives of the Faculty of Forestry, 1 representative of  the Advisory Service, 3 representatives of the Croatian Forest  Research Institute, 1 representative of the company Croatian  Forests, 1 representative of the Croatian Chamber of Forestry  and Wood Technology Engineers, 1 representative of the Croatian  Union of Private Forest Owners, 2 representatives of the  
Croatian Employers’ Association, and 3 representative of the  Croatian Chamber of Economy). By September 1, 2016, a draft  proposal of the strategy should be completed and submitted  to the Ministry, which will open a public debate on the issue.  
A Commission was also formed for the development of a new  Forest Law, in which the Croatian Forestry Association has it  representative, and so was a Commission for the creation of a  developmental strategy of timber processing and furniture manufacture  2016 - 2020. The intention was to increase the finalisation  and improve the control of contract fulfilment for  wood industry. All the strategies should be passed by the end  of 2016, and all the documents will be available for public discussion  and debate.  
The primary goal of the Ministerial strategies is to retain the  population in rural areas, whereas the profit of the company  which manages state forests should be kept in the second place.  
The attitude of the Ministry on crucial issues is as follows: a)  retain a tax on non-market forest functions (with possible reduction  from 0.0265 % to 0.025 % of annual income or exemption  from tax for economic subjects with up to one million  annual income), b) establish a single forest-management area,  and c) solve a dilemma of whether to keep Croatian Forests in  the status of a company or organize it as a public institution  for the purpose of better protection of forests as goods of general  benefit.  
The forestry profession will be given an open hand to act in  common interest. There is a need for a Law on Timber Use and  Processing, but it will probably not be passed due to the attitude  of the European Commission. The problem will be solved  by including wood industry into the Forest Law, which will be  analyzed in more detail by a regulation.  
Of particular interest is the condition in private forests, where  property-legal relationships are unsolved and there is considerable  illegal felling. By 2019, management programmes should  be completed for all private forests in the Republic of Croatia.  Long-term contracts for forestry contractors should also  be developed for the purpose of enabling their easier development,  and particularly for drawing the means from the Rural  Development Programme (purchase of machinery).  
The second national forest inventory will be made and agricultural and forest land will be delineated.  
During May and June, forestry operations 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.6.1  and 8.6.2 from the Croatian Rural Development Programme  will be announced for the period 2014-2020, while the operation  4.3.3 was announced previously.  
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