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development of gullies related to skidding operation causes runoff concentration along the skidding roads which may lead to the erosion processes.
Soil properties were analyzed soil samples collected from skid road and forest site (Table 4). The results indicated that there was no important difference between skid road and forest site interns of volume weight, soil weight and soil texture values; however, stone weight was higher on skid road samples than that of forest site due to soil displacement along skid road. The pH value of the soil samples collected from skid road was also higher than that of forest site due to acceleration of the decomposition conditions in skid road. The moisture of soil was very low because of summer months. Also, the soil type was clay and the soil on the skid road was distributed in powder form during skidding operation.
In this study, soil compaction and rutting on the skid roads during a logging operation were investigated by field measurements after each pass of a farm tractor along skid road. The study showed that the vehicle passes had a significant