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15% of the respondents come to the park in the mornings while 7% of the respondents come in the evenings. More than half of the respondents spend 1-3 hours in the park (73%), 20% of the respondents linger for an hour, and 7% of the respondents stay for more than 3 hours.
Suitability for different types of activities
Pogodnost za različite aktivnosti
Diversity of activities in urban parks and their usage proportion are among the factors affecting the quality of the place (Ter, 2011). Examining Tašmajdan park within this context, the questionnaire results show that walking and sitting on the park’s benches are the most common activities of the respondents. 69% of the respondents go for a walk in Tašmajdan Park, 61% sit on the benches, 41% play with children on children´s playgrounds, 37% exercise using available equipment, run, ride a bike, go rollerblading or skateboarding, play soccer or basketball; 12% play with their dogs, read, lie on the grass, play chess, play frisbee or sunbathe. The comparative analysis of the number of different activities in the park, stated by the respondents, two activities stand out with 43%, three are not as common (25%) as well as one other activitiy (23%) and there are 4 activities which are least common (9%). On the basis of the respondents’ attitudes towards the suitability of the park for different types of activities, 58% of the respondents are satisfied with the ability to use the park in the desired manner (Figure 2). The respondents who are dissatisfied with the facilities and equipment mostly point out the lack of facilities for teenagers and older users (an area designed for the purposes of ogranizing cultural and entertainment events for all age groups) and sports facilities. They also consider that due to a large number of users in areas with exercise equipment, there is a need to divide the space for physical exercise into the areas for different age groups. 12% of the respondents suggest installing more outdoor faucets and water fountains, 10% of the respondents believe that the park does not have enough playgrounds, benches in the shade (10%), fencing around the park (6%), tables (2%) and facilities for renting bikes and roller skates (3%).
The total average score for the amenity is derived from the average scores obtained as answers to ten questions and amounts to 4.06 (Table 3). Compared to other questions that assess the amenity of the area, the lowest score (3.27) was given by the respondents answering the question of whether