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sub-compartments, the information about the stand type, age class and site index were made use of in the preparation of silviculture plan. In addition to the data of forest management plan database, growing stock (m3/ha), annual growing stock increment (m3/ha/year), silvicultural treatment types as in the forest management plan and the decided functional allowable cuts/tending allowable cuts (m3) data were entered. Besides, silvicultural treatment methods, which is the basis for the silviculture plan, five different silvicultural treatment process types, five different treatment times, the allowable cuts to be taken for five different treatments, total treatment number and the total number of performed allowable cuts data groups were added to the database. For the measurements and evaluations in the regeneration fields, the data such as slope, aspect, altitude, seed tree sufficiency and actual stand type were also added.
Silvicultural prescriptions – Načini intervencija u pogledu uzgoja šuma; while making forest management plan, primarily the stand map that is a baseline was prepared, and then the forest function maps were prepared. In the preparation of the forest function map, the inventory datum, requests and demands of the society, special ecosystem or species having sensitive, rare or critical importance according to the report prepared by plant and wildlife specialists were made use of. According to these maps, each functional area is defined as a management unit and when there are more than one forest functions, the main purpose or function becomes the management unit name. For each management unit, the main and secondary purposes are defined clearly. The silvicultural purposes are defined in the light of these purposes; and the purposes of the (re)establishment of the stand are determined, and the silvicultural treatment prescriptions that will be applied to each forest area (sub-compartment) are prepared in accordance with these purposes. The silvicultural treatments that will be applied to the stands (sub-compartments) in Hisar Forest Planning Unit are the reforestation, regeneration, tending and the areas that are other than treatment. In the silvicultural treatments to be applied to these areas, especially the biological features of the tree species and the stand parameters such as mixture, crown closer etc. and ecological condition such as elevation, slope, soil features (soil type, soil depth, etc.) and aspect besides the technical capacity of the forest administration chief office, the potential labor force in forest villages located in forest planning unit, seedling supply and the situation of the roads have also been considered. Due to the unavailability of the roads, technical insufficiency of the forest enterprise and labor force capacity, some areas were excluded from the plan.
Reforestation areas – Područja za pošumljavanje; are the gaps and degraded forest areas that are suitable for reforestation in the forest. Silvicultural recipe to be applied to the gaps and degraded forest areas (Table 2, 3);