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areas and 77,89 hectares of the regeneration areas due to the technical reasons. In the twenty-year plan period in the research area, a total of 329916,279 m3 allowable cut will be taken 136870 m3 of which is the intermediate yield, and of which 193046,279 m3 is the final yield (Figure 2, Table 8). The non-treated fields due to the technical reasons and the value trees planned to be remained in the field for the continuance of the wildlife; it was waived 15280,147 m3 of allowable cut taking. While annual growing stock increment was being 31755,689 m3/year, nearly 51,95% of the annual increment will be taken each year. The annual increment rate is around 50% throughout the country and it is similar to the research area values (GDF, 2014a).
While making treatment for two times each field with 10 year return time in 20-year plan period in the tending fields, it is foreseen to be made five treatments at most depending on the year in which the first treatment has been made. In the fields subjected to the tending, thinning and