prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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release cutting were foreseen in the treatments to be made for the first time. The second and third treatments were foreseen as weeding and release cutting. Shelterwood method was given weight due to the large part of the regeneration fields being high slope. Since 273,06 ha area constituting 23,39% of the area has not sufficient and quality seed tree, it has been decided to be regenerated with clear cutting method and planting. 94,91 ha area consisting of 8,13% of the regeneration fields, it was foreseen to regenerate with planting under the forest canopy due to being high sloped (Table 8).
It was aimed to complete the regeneration works continuing in 2015 that is the first application year in the planning unit. For this reason, it was observed that the regeneration allowable cut and the total allowable cut in the years of 2015 and 2016 are relatively less when compared with the other years. Silvicultural treatment area occurred at most in 2027 and the least in 2016; and the highest allowable cut taking in 2017 and the least allowable cut occurred in 2015 (Figure 3).
The fields subjected to the tending treatment was being tried to be distributed to be equal each year and the mean treatment area is 894,683 ha/year, the average tending allowable cut was calculated to be 6843,5 m3/year. The total of tending allowable cuts 136870 m3 and its share in the total allowable cut is 41,49%. The allowable cut to be obtained in the regeneration areas constitutes 58,51% of the total allowable cut. In the treatments to be made to the regeneration areas, it is aimed to be equal of the annual treatment area and the allowable cut and annual average treatment area is 197,164 ha/year and the allowable cut to be taken from the regeneration fields has been planned to be nearly 9652,314 m3/year (Figure 3). When the allowable cut and treatment area amounts were examined according to the years and the tending and regeneration are evaluated together, average annual treatment rate is 1102,649 ha and the average annual allowable cut is 16495,814 m3/year.
It was foreseen to make silvicultural treatment once at least and five times at most during planning application time in the areas subjected to the silvicultural treatments in the research field. During the planning time, the treatment to 22509,44 ha of an area with the repetitions was planned. The silvicultural treatment methods to be made to these areas, area sizes and the allowable cuts to be obtained in these applications are given in Table 9. Accordingly, the biggest allowable cut in the tending cuttings is obtained