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Nymphalis polychloros (Linnaeus, 1758), Nymphalidae, large tortoiseshell butterfly
The species is widespread in Europe, the East Palearctic and North Africa (Karsholt and Razowski 1996; Fauna Europaea,; Polak 2009).
Adults are active from June to August in one generation. They overwinter and fly again from March to April (European Butterflies and Moths, In Slovenia there are two generations of butterflies occurring from May to September (Polak 2009). Caterpillars feed on Salix, Ulmus, Prunus, Pyrus communis, Malus domestica, Populus, Sorbus and Crataegus (Butterflies of Britain & Europe. According to our findings, C. australis should be added as a new host (Figures 8, 9, 10).