prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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use of local dbh models, led to improved accuracy regarding individual tree detection and dbh estimation. Moreover, the errors of N underestimation and DBH overestimation have been mutually abolished, which in the end resulted with reasonably accurate estimates of G and V at stand level. Since the errors of N underestimation and DBH overestimation with PM30 were both proportionally (twice) greater than with PM10, G and V were estimated on both 10 cm and 30 cm GSD images with similar level of accuracy. Although PM10 overall produced the more accurate results than PM30, it should be noted that the price of 10 cm images is several time higher than of 30 cm images. Therefore, a potential user should decide which images to use depending on desired accuracy and available funds.
KEY WORDS: forest inventory, stereo measurement, visual interpretation, digital aerial images, digital photogrammetric workstation