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the „Berries” cluster companies from the area of Southern and Eastern Serbia were included, while the“Mixed products” cluster comprised of companies from the area of Šumadija and Western Serbia. In the „Medicinal and Aromatic plants” cluster export was balanced between WB countries and other parts of Europe. In the „Berries” cluster export was primarily oriented towards European countries (excluding WB countries) 87.5% and other parts of the world 12.5%. In the „Mixed products” cluster export focused exclusively on the European countries (excluding WB countries). From the aspect of the implementation of promotional activities in the „Medicinal and aromatic plants” cluster the most common promotion was via the Internet, followed by promotion through fairs (13.3%), as well as in the „Berries” and „Mixed products” clusters where the main promotional tool were fairs both in Serbia and abroad. All the three clusters stressed that the main problem in business was the collection of receivables. The „Medicinal and