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the other hand, motor-manual technique provided better solution in terms of economic aspects, while it potentially increases the felling time (Acar et al., 2003).
Based on the evaluation of timber extraction techniques, it was found that MP+AP technique tends to increase the timber extraction time. The results also indicated that MP+S technique reduces the timber extraction time, while satisfying ecologic, economic, and social constraints. In a sample forest component  (Compartment 6) with the highest amount of timber extraction yield, it was found that MP+S technique minimized the logging time with 58.93 min/m3, while timber extraction time was maximized using MP+AP technique (285.25 min/m3). Skyline systems are more productive especially in mountainous areas with steep terrains (Demir and Bilici, 2010)
The effect coefficient for hauling time indicated that using logging trucks potentially reduces hauling time comparing with tractor-trailer hauling. Besides, logging trucks were