prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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man power for the STR2 refers that, when you implement STR2, 1,451 hours man power will be spent with other timber extraction systems such as 1451 hours as man power, 4,030 hours as animal power, 7,616 hours as skidder and so on in the period 1 to extract all the timber within the planning unit. These time outputs should be considered together for the first period of STR2. Those time outputs are not separate, meaning that all time outputs for the STR2 will be spent when STR2 is implemented. The outputs are not refer that 1,451 hours for man power or 4,030 hours for animal power will spent separately to extract all the timber within the planning unit.
When we look at the timber extraction methods to be applied, „S” seems prevailing in STR2. On the other hand, there was no prominent timber extraction system in other strategies, (Table 7).
Many factors such as legal arrangements, supply and demand, staff and economic conditions of the enterprise must be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate