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In any planning, so even when planning the network of forest roads, it is an imperative to know the existing situation, and to have a detailed and accurate insight into the existing forest road network of the forest area in the process of opening, usually enabled by the forest traffic infrastructure registry. To validate the quantity of the existing forest traffic infrastructure (road density), it is necessary to precisely and unambiguously define the criteria for determining the density of existing forest traffic infrastructure.
In Croatian forestry, the currently valid criteria for determining the density of primary forest traffic infrastructure are defined by the »Technical Requirements for Economic Roads« (Šikić et al. 1989), which are summarised in the Forestry Management Regulations (NN 111/06, NN 141/08) and (NN 79/15). The criteria mentioned are insufficiently precise and unclear, which leaves the forestry experts to make a series of subjective decisions in calculating the density of primary forest traffic infrastructure.
To avoid/reduce any subjectivity, to obtain objective data and to make comparability of the calculated primary traffic infrastructure density of different management units, a set of completely criteria have been developed that will serve to accurately, objectively and transparently determine primary forest traffic infrastructure density. The criteria have been developed and described in detail in the Form for the Effectiveness Study of Primary Forest Road Traffic Infrastructure, an integral part of the Bylaw on measure implementation M04 »Investments in physical assets«, by-measure 4.3 »Grant for investments in development, modernization and customization of agriculture and forestry«, operation type 4.3.3. »Investments in forest infrastructure« from the Program of Rural Development in the Republic of Croatia in the period from 2014 to 2020 (NN 106/15, 65/17).
The most frequent/characteristical examples of the application of criteria in determining the primary forest traffic infrastructure density are presented in the paper based on orthophoto maps together with photographs (image part of the primary forest traffic infrastructure registry from case studies).
Key words: primary forest traffic infrastructure density, basic/eliminatory criteria, specific/spatial criteria