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When planting trees in urban environment, often there is a need for enhancing the soil quality, which can be achieved by the use of mineral fertilizers (for enhancing chemical soil properties) or soil conditioners (influencing both soil chemical and physical properties). Amur maple (Acer tataricum L. ssp. ginnala Maxim.) is a broadleaved bush or a small tree which is interesting for use in horticulture because of attractive leaf colour and drought, pollution and patogen tolerance. We tested the influence of soil conditioner Herbafertil on the growth and nutrition of Amur maple young trees in comparison with classic fertilization with complex mineral fertilizer (YaraMila Complex 12-11-18) in a field trial. The trial was established as a random block design with three treatments and four repetitions. The highest height increment percentages, nitrogen concentration and content were achieved in Herbafertil treatment (Figure 1,2 and 3). We determined that the use of Herbafertil has effects similar to fertilizers, which is due to large quantities suggested for use. Herbafertil may have an edge over mineral fertilizers due to the possibility of its use after planting and its potential beneficial effects in deeper soil horizons.
Key words: soil conditioner, nutrient status, increment percentage, fertilization, YaraMila Complex